Zipper viz showing RCP2.6 vs RCP 8.5

Zipper viz comparing all four RCP scenarios

Warmingstripes viz comparing all four RCP scenario

Cascade viz comparing all four RCP scenarios

More to come soon. If you have any suggestions please reach out to me.

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  1. Maybe explain “RCP 2.6” etc some other way – Paris Agreement or whatever it is – as most people wouldn’t know what it is.

    Also when there’s just two forks, perhaps put the You Are Here pin at the exact junction so it reads like a choice…a choice fork in the road.

    1. I first did it, but then decided to instead put it at the point were we actually are. And so far this has pretty much been the 8.5 scenario, that’s why it is down there. It’s not impossible to get on “the other lane” by now, but we have to change course really fast.

    1. Alright, I will try this out. Notice however, that there isn’t a lot of difference in 2050 because of the inertia of the systems (incl. social). That’s actually one of the two reasons why I expanded it to 2200, not just 2100. The other being simply that it puts ‘now’ roughly in the middle. Data in 2050 is: 1.81°C; 2.00°C; 1.91°C; 2.45°C for the four scenarios.

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