All seven new (but preliminary) projections in one chart.

How different regions of the world warm in two scenarios.

Zipper viz showing RCP2.6 vs RCP 8.5

Zipper viz comparing all four RCP scenarios

Warmingstripes viz comparing all four RCP scenario

Cascade viz comparing all four RCP scenarios

More to come soon. If you have any suggestions please reach out to me.

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  1. Maybe explain “RCP 2.6” etc some other way – Paris Agreement or whatever it is – as most people wouldn’t know what it is.

    Also when there’s just two forks, perhaps put the You Are Here pin at the exact junction so it reads like a choice…a choice fork in the road.

    1. I first did it, but then decided to instead put it at the point were we actually are. And so far this has pretty much been the 8.5 scenario, that’s why it is down there. It’s not impossible to get on “the other lane” by now, but we have to change course really fast.

    1. Alright, I will try this out. Notice however, that there isn’t a lot of difference in 2050 because of the inertia of the systems (incl. social). That’s actually one of the two reasons why I expanded it to 2200, not just 2100. The other being simply that it puts ‘now’ roughly in the middle. Data in 2050 is: 1.81°C; 2.00°C; 1.91°C; 2.45°C for the four scenarios.

  2. Hi,

    Great job on the stripes.

    Few things can be improved to increase the message/campaign:

    – The picture should be in Fahrenheit for general american public.
    – Centigrade grossly minimizes the perceived impact

    – The half a degree increase from 1800 base line is great and should be in all graph possibilities
    – A 1 degree Fahrenheit would be the equivalent

    – X axis lines indicating average lifetime WV2 vets, boomers, genX, millennials, Genz, kids born now lifetimes will show the impact to different generations
    – Nice to see impacts all the way to 2200 make it real to understand the exponential consequences (with the triangle notches going all the way to 2200)

    – The current path should be on the top (i think); the highest impact,
    – Going left to right from the top is most people default behavior

    – would be Interesting to see different generations expected lifetime contributions to C02 on the same line
    – drives the conversations of responsibility with peoples friends(similar ages) and which can be an effective campaign
    – Kids and younger generation can use this to talk to their skeptical families/parents/grand parents to show their contributions and the impact of it in their lifetimes

    Thank you for your effort. Let me know If I can help in any way.

  3. How about adding to the diagram descriptions of consequences of the different temperatures in terms of estimates of animal extinctions, supportable human population, habitability zones, date of civilization breakdown, etc.?

  4. It would be nice to have this as printed on a T-shirt. However, one would need it with the white colour removed and less small text to do that.

  5. Thank you for your impressing Work!
    Most climate graphs Show hot/high emissions/bad in the upper region, as do your First ones. In the following it is now upside down. I find this confusing.
    Kind regards

    1. You are right here, the upper ones are new, while the ones below are older from a time where I preferred to have high ambition scenarios on top (“reach high” etc). However I changed this now back to the conventional patterns for easier understanding and will delete the older ones once I have substitutes for them

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